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An Event Apart Seattle 2007 I’m onboard to talk about Evolving an Interface on day two and will be drawing from my experiences with the short-lived but sweet ShortStat and the curiously successful Mint. Permalink

The Two-oh Show Me on Mint, ShortStat 2, piracy, typography, humble beginnings and humble middles. Time-shifted from the third day of SXSW 2006 for your listening pleasure. Permalink

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Fresh ‘N Yummy Keegan Jones, one of the guys who brought you the ShortStat Widget signs off on Mint—and Junior Mint, the Mint Dashboard Widget. Permalink

ShortStat Dashboard Widget Brought to you by the boys over at The Big Noob and the previously mentioned Mr. Boles. (Could something similar be in the works for Mint? You bet your ass.) Permalink

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