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Bloopsaphone A Ruby library for writing chiptunes. Greg Borenstein has some samples of the syntax and output. (viaPermalink

Widon’t for Zend Luke Visinoni has created a Widon’t view helper for the Zend Framework. Permalink

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Read Speaking’s out for Summer   Comments 013

Read Breakfast with the Blogroll   Comments 028

Weezer Recording History Fifteen pages (just text) documenting shows, rehearsals, and recording studio visits as far back as ‘87. It’s really interesting seeing the gems from the studio albums emerge out of dozens of other unrecorded compositions. Permalink

Read Mint: Green Means Go   Comments 106

Read About the Author (circa 2006)  

Cameleon CSS An international, Spanish-focused take on the Garden Permalink

The Zen of CSS Design While I am credited as Technical Editor it should be noted that Dave and Molly have obviously done their homework—and really spoiled me for any future technical editing I might do. Permalink

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