The Last Rocket

Tap, swipe and hold to guide Flip, The Last Rocket, through 64 rooms of spikes, fans, mines, flamejets and more. Collect all the scattered Memory Gears to help AMI, the onboard Autonomous Mechanical Intelligence, escape before the ship falls into a star! Play The Last Rocket!

Celebrate the one year anniversary of the release of The Last Rocket (included in Edge Magazine’s 50 Must Play iOS Games and Touch Arcade’s Best iOS Games of 2011) by playing it again, reading about its development, or continuing the adventure in Flip’s Escape for iOS!

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Copyright 2011 Shaun Inman.

Flip’s Escape

Guide Flip as he tries to escape a stellar shockwave after the successful rescue of AMI at the end of The Last Rocket! Brake to dodge asteroids, fill your star meter to warp, and earn gems for upgrades to cover greater distances. Can you outrun the sun? Play Flip’s Escape!

Touch to brake and dodge incoming asteroids but don’t delay for too long or the stellar shockwave will overtake Flip! Pluck mini-stars from their asteroid orbit to earn temporary invincibility and jump to warp. Then tap like crazy to extend the warp’s duration!

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Copyright 2012 Shaun Inman. Music & Sound Matt Grimm.