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wp-Hyphenate A clever Wordpress plugin that embeds soft-hyphens and zero-space entities in your text providing browsers with the cues necessary to successfully hyphenate words. has a dingus to try it out if you don’t use Wordpress. Permalink

Read Widon’t 2.1.1  

Wordpress 2.1.1 considered dangerous I know a number of Mint users also use Wordpress. Make sure you’re up to date! Permalink

I am Version Three Matt Thomas with a new un-busy, typographically-sensitive design. Soon to be available as a Wordpress theme. Permalink

Read Widon’t 2.1  

Read Widon’t 2   Comments 003

Blogging from space “Captain’s Blog, Stardate 30620.1…” Permalink

Read Widon’t   Comments 029

Making a Wordpress Plugin Video Tutorial Now why didn’t I think of doing that for Mint’s PepperPermalink