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Widon’t for Zend Luke Visinoni has created a Widon’t view helper for the Zend Framework. Permalink

Read Widon’t 2.1.1  

IHT: Reinventing the Widon’t Where you been @beep? Wordpress, Movable Type, TextPattern, they’ve all been widon’ting for the past 2 years. :P Permalink

Widon’t in XSLT for Symphony No CMS left behind. The web is growing more typographically sensitive with each passing day. Permalink

Widon’t Textpattern Plugin  Permalink

Widon’t for Mephisto  Permalink

Widon’t Helper for Rails  Permalink

Typogrify Includes Widon’t (among other things like SmartyPants) for Django. Via Joshua via email. Permalink

Joomla Widon’t plugin (via Joe via email) Permalink

Read Widon’t 2.1  

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