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The Last Rocket The trailer and teaser site for my new iOS game are go for launch (submitted to Apple for review this morning). Permalink

Presence, Products and Play Launched a new homepage earlier this morning as the Mimeoverse wasn’t properly represented on the previous version. (Spacebar and arrow keys still control the music player.) Permalink

Pixels are the New Blog It’s been quiet around here lately. A homepage music player should take care of that. And pixels. You know what they say, “once you go block you never go back.” Permalink

Grin and bare it In an unexpected turn of events, I decided to strip of its colors this morning. Time to clear your cache. The previous version can be found here (and is for the first time pulling from the same database as the current version). Permalink

Facelift Emphasis on “lift.” What’s the matter guys? Couldn’t figure out how to get the colors, wave or Univers working? Not cool. (via karanPermalink

Minimalist Web Design Showcase Perishable Press reviews in the context of their minimalist design series with a mini-interview at the end. I’m obviously biased but I thought it was an interesting read. Permalink

Full Circle Coming up on a year since this design was launched. This Flickr Slideshow (the thumbnail widget especially) provides a nice reverse-retrospective of the gradual changes. Permalink

Welcome to 2008 Pirates That design was so 2005. It wasn’t a template then and it isn’t a template now. Kindly get your grubby little fingers off my gear. Permalink

Minterview Sam at Peppermint Tea had some civilized questions for me about life in the Mint lane and plans for 2008. I was only too happy to oblige with some answers. Permalink

Be A Design Cast 45 The Boys from the Be A Design Group sat me down after Think Tank Nashville back in September to talk shop. FFVI FTW! Permalink

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