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Vanilla “The sweetest forum on the web” is pretty close to the mark from what I can tell. Clean XHTML, CSS for style, with a sprinkling of Ajax built on a solid PHP/MySQL foundation. I’m eagerly anticipating setting up the Mint support/user forums. Permalink

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MAMP Or Macintosh, Apache, Mysql and PHP—instant development environment, drag and drop install. Brilliant! (via Andy’s commentsPermalink

Crunchinated Notes on and links to JavaScript condensing techniques. You can skip this link if you already have gzip compression enabled. Permalink

Despamming ShortStat It’s funny, this idea occurred to me just the other day but Mark beat me to the punch. Permalink

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TextMate 1.0 A BBEdit-killer? Not quite. The much-anticipated folding feature is poorly implemented (it seems the closing tag detection is either too greedy or non-existent) and its find and replace can’t even come close to BBEdit. Give it another point release… Permalink

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