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Quicktime Check A new Pepper for MintPermalink

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Headdress Host multiple virtual domains from your desktop, simplifying local development on OS X. Plays nice with MAMP too! Permalink

Read The 9th Incarnation of   Comments 112

Sidepath “Gone are the days of incoherent short URLs, in are the days of understandable URLs from your domain name.” Includes a handy favelet for creating new sidepaths. From Sam Brown, curator of Peppermint Tea Permalink

Shorty Khoi Vinh and crew released Shorty (a non-hosted, app) at the tail end of last week and I almost missed it. Did you? Permalink

Widon’t for Textpattern And Eric Eggert has done the honors of porting Widon’t to Textpattern. Permalink

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