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Coda Panic’s new “One-Window Web Development” app. See also Steven F’s introduction. Ditto that for Cabel’s. Drag and drop Grep? Killer. Permalink

Steven F on Panic’s 10 Year Anniversary “It is by a more or less random coincidence that on the day after our company’s tenth birthday, we will be conducting by far our biggest, most ambitious new software launch of all time. I hope you’ll come by to check it out, especially if you make web sites.” Permalink

Joomla Widon’t plugin (via Joe via email) Permalink

An Event Apart Seattle 2007 I’m onboard to talk about Evolving an Interface on day two and will be drawing from my experiences with the short-lived but sweet ShortStat and the curiously successful Mint. Permalink

Wordpress 2.1.1 considered dangerous I know a number of Mint users also use Wordpress. Make sure you’re up to date! Permalink

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