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The newest Happy Webbie The Happy Webbies site sees a fresh coat and the addition of yours truly. My fabricated quote is spot on. Stank. Permalink

Available Now Earlier tonight Horror Vacui was unleashed on the App Store. Huzzah! Permalink

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Searching for irony “Copyright is important because it protects the interests of those who create and those who invest in creativity.” Couldn’t have said—or designed their Search widget—better myself. Oh wait. Permalink

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Facelift Emphasis on “lift.” What’s the matter guys? Couldn’t figure out how to get the colors, wave or Univers working? Not cool. (via karanPermalink

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A Man of Illegible Letters Khoi Vinh on his declining penmanship and resigned apathy about it. We’re all in the same boat. I’ve even gone so far as to abandon cursive and omit lowercase letters from my handwriting to reclaim some space in my brain. Permalink

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