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Mimeo in the Tumbleverse A development Diary. I’ll be posting progress reports, artwork, audio clips and demo videos for the duration of the project. Permalink

The Pipeline This morning I talked Mint, Mimeo and MML with Dan BenjaminPermalink

Read An MML Bundle for Textmate  

Birds on the Wires A musical composition based on notation suggested by the physical position of birds on wires. (viaPermalink

In B flat File with ThruYou and Electroplankton. (viaPermalink

Read All Along the Watchtower  

OCRM v. Final Fantasy IV Not as fulfilling as the Final Fantasy VII tribute that proceeded it but still listenable. Bonus, this release lead me to discover the (superior) 2005 OCRM tribute to Chrono Trigger. Made my own album cover for this one too. Permalink

Weezer - The 8-bit Album Featuring two favorites, Anamanaguchi (who I previously described as Weezer sans Cuomo plus an NES) and Bit Shifter. I even created my own album cover that drops the pixel count and bumps up the NES controller count. Permalink

After All This Time A fan-made 2-disc DVD set of Nine Inch Nails from a concert in Santiago, Chile. Permalink

Out of Breath Just finished up a humbling music-, pixel- and warm 70’s colors-filled Layer Tennis match with the inspirational Scott Hansen, better known as ISO50 or TychoPermalink

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