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Mintier A new plugin for MT4 that embeds Mint into your Moveable Type dashboard. Permalink

Widon’t for Movable Type Brook Elgie has ported my Widon’t Wordpress plugin to Movable Type. A Textpattern plugin is still up for grabs. Permalink

Movable Type Style Generator Jeremy would be pleased—there’s a fluid option (via Sol on IM). Permalink

Movable Type Search Throttle Bug This is the cause of my feed and search page bug. If the latter solution outlined here doesn’t work for you, consider reducing the time span required between searches. Permalink

MT Edits Dave Shea releases his nifty front-end Movable Type editing scripts. Permalink

Using MTBlacklist 2.x? Don’t delete any weblogs for the time being. </publicserviceannouncement> Permalink

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MT-Blacklist wins Grand Prize Who would have known, bloggers don’t like spam. Congrats Jay! Permalink

Damn it, Timmy Kindly stop using my site to spam-vertise, you asshat. Jay Allen has your number. Permalink

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