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Mint on Web App Charts The original Mint lands at number seven in the list of top ten web apps after heavy-hitters like Gmail, Facebook and Wordpress and is the only stats app to make it onto the list. Not too shabby. Thanks everyone who voted! Permalink

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Geometry of the Mint logo This is one of those things that I have always meant to blog about but never made the time for. A Flickr is worth a thousand words. Permalink

Web App Charts While I have no illusion that Mint has as many users as say Facebook, I maintain that Mint is popular with the internets—let’s give ‘em a run for their venture capital. See alsoPermalink

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Add a Mint icon to your 1.1.3 iPhone home screen Cameron Hunt and Shawn Blanc hammered something out over Twitter last night. Once I can upgrade my unlocked 1.1.1 iPhone this will get baked into the next release of Mint or the iPhone PepperPermalink

You can call me “Shaun Inane” I kicked the RSS habit only to end up dabbling in Twitter. I blame’s recent addition of coffee (which can also be foamee) and Till’s forthcoming Tweets PepperPermalink

Minterview Sam at Peppermint Tea had some civilized questions for me about life in the Mint lane and plans for 2008. I was only too happy to oblige with some answers. Permalink

False Positive Over the holiday McAfee and CA both issued new virus definitions that incorrectly identified common external JavaScript files as potentially dangerous virus carriers. Mint was (incorrectly) flagged as well. Poppycock. Permalink

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