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Peter Piper Joost de Valk has been busy with three new or updated Pepper for Mint that aggregate your Twitter, Vimeo and Technorati stats. Permalink

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Searching for irony “Copyright is important because it protects the interests of those who create and those who invest in creativity.” Couldn’t have said—or designed their Search widget—better myself. Oh wait. Permalink

Song Summoner Music × (Squenix + RPG) = frickin’ genius. I though about doing something similar as a Mint Pepper a while back. Mapping data from each of the default panes to different stats—Referrers to strength, Pages to agility, Searches to intelligence and Visits to hit points (obviously)—and then pitting Mint installations against each other. Shoulda-woulda-coulda. Permalink

The “Holy Crap!” Pepper Tyler Hall’s latest Pepper sends an email when your site is linked from a major traffic generator like Delicious, Digg or Daring Fireball. Permalink

Shufflesome Play Shufflesome, seller of fine iPod shuffle stickers, recently introduced a Mint-powered sales game/experiment. When’s unique daily visitors exceed the previous high, prices drop. Permalink

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Passive SERP tracking for Mint Courtesy of Raven SEO ToolsPermalink

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