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How To Write a Pepper Plug-in for Mint  Permalink

Mint-rosoft? Looking at David’s own arguments, I’d say I run ball more like Apple than Microsoft. Don’t miss Professor Mike’s Economics 101 and be sure to stay late for the Debate Team. Class is in session. Permalink

The Mint Conspiracy Theory Did your Mint notification email get abducted by aliens? Probably not. Permalink

Mint Forum For quick fixes, new Pepper, and Minty freshness. Permalink

Peppermint Tea “A civilized collection of third-party plug-ins for Mint.” Permalink

Mint 1.01 Released Drops the cURL requirement (with the help of Marco) and improves support for virtual domains. This is a compatibility update only and is not necessary if Mint is up-and-running fine on your server already. Permalink

Read Mint: Green Means Go   Comments 106

Mint-Thousand-And-One: A Stats Odyssey Rob Weychert cues the monolith music and invites you to join him as he gapes in awe at his Unique Referrers feed. Permalink

Doctor Inman’s Mint Despite the “Post No Notice” signs, Kevin Cornell has papered the town inviting you to check out Mint’s Watched Pages feature. Meet him down at the crossroads, right before sunset. Permalink

Pepper Makes Mint Better Stan’s bit about Mint’s extensibility is just his subtle way of telling me to hurry up and add all the features he requested that I haven’t gotten around to yet. Permalink

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