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Presence, Products and Play Launched a new homepage earlier this morning as the Mimeoverse wasn’t properly represented on the previous version. (Spacebar and arrow keys still control the music player.) Permalink

The Pipeline This morning I talked Mint, Mimeo and MML with Dan BenjaminPermalink

Lessn Pepper Track the flow of traffic through your Lessn links with Mint. Permalink

Calling Out Hacker News One of the easiest ways to belittle someone else’s accomplishments is to state that you could reproduce their efforts in a fraction of the time. Same thing happened when I released Mint with Weed, a long dead, never completed (even after almost four years) Rails clone. The lesson here: Don’t sweat the commenting heads. Permalink

Röportaj An interview with yours truly by popular Turkish blog Webrazzi. An English version went up not too long ago. Permalink

Cater to your Ego Garrett Murray gets into the iPhone app game with the gorgeous and appropriately named Ego, a vanity app that reports followers from Twitter, visitors from Mint (with the Ego Helper Pepper installed) and subscribers from Feedburner with support for more services planned. Permalink

The newest Happy Webbie The Happy Webbies site sees a fresh coat and the addition of yours truly. My fabricated quote is spot on. Stank. Permalink

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