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Pronunciation of sIFR Not sure why the sudden interest but this has become quite the frequently asked question of late. Permalink; An invitational exhibition of source code coming to Chattanooga this summer. Designed by yours truly. Jiggly. Permalink

Cuf√≥n A promising Canvas/VML alternative to sIFR. It’s really a shame they’d let Opera support hold up something as essential as being able to select text though. Permalink

Read GlimmerMonkey  

sIFRvault A repository of (presumably public domain) sIFR fonts. (via @ltackett’s tweet) Permalink

The State of Font Embedding Mark Wubben, the maintainer of sIFR, thinks out loud about font embedding and the various stop-gap alternatives. Permalink

typeface.js Text replacement using the Canvas element instead of Flash. Dear type vendors, please save us from these convoluted stopgaps. Legally, The Internet (via email) Permalink

CSSHttpRequest A clever alternative to JSONP that uses CSS rather than raw JavaScript as the delivery mechanism—which means a compromised third-party JSON provider is unable to run malicious code in the context of the requesting page. (viaPermalink

CSS Browser Selector A lightweight (less than 1kb) JavaScript file that conditionally classes the html element allowing you to write browser specific selectors in your CSS. A simple, elegant solution. (viaPermalink

Cappuccino Objective-C for the web. I stand by my previous assessment. Basolutely sinane. Permalink

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