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Read How do you anti-alias your headlines/use Din even though I don’t have it installed?  

sIFR 2.0 Note the lack of “release candidate” on that version number. Also, my pseudo-link that previously exploited Mike’s smart 404 technology is now a real page. A true Pinocchio story. Permalink

sIFR Wiki Exactly what it says it is. Nice. Permalink

Flash Image Framing Similar to IFR, Flash is used to add a little more oomph to inline images by adding a custom border or “frame” treatment. More info here (I was just reading about “hyperwords”—then this pops up.) Permalink

Design Interact looks at A comprehensive look at the redesign with a no-names-named compliment to sIFR. Via BenPermalink

sIFR sucks? Sorry, (again) guns don’t kill people. Permalink

How and when to use sIFR An article looking at the viability of the current generation of IFR. I wholly agree with Andrew’s recommendation to avoid using sIFR with links. Guns don’t kill people. Permalink

sIFR 2.0rc2 Mike and Mark push out a fresh release candidate for scalable Inman Flash Replacement—just in time for the holidays! Permalink

sIFR 2.0rc Almost there. Permalink

sIFR 2.0b2 Keeps getting beta and beta. Permalink

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