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Physics Invader Space Invaders plus gravity (and the carcasses of fallen enemy ships). (viaPermalink

Chronotron Play a time-traveling robot that must work together with its past and future selves to solve puzzles while avoiding intractable time paradoxes. 40 levels is not enough. Via Kottke—shakes fist—earlier in the week. Permalink

Reformat the Planet Somehow I missed this chiptune documentary at the previous SXSW. (via 4crPermalink

I am 8-bit 2008 A huge Flickr set by Old Man Musings’ Andrew SpeersPermalink

Song Summoner Music × (Squenix + RPG) = frickin’ genius. I though about doing something similar as a Mint Pepper a while back. Mapping data from each of the default panes to different stats—Referrers to strength, Pages to agility, Searches to intelligence and Visits to hit points (obviously)—and then pitting Mint installations against each other. Shoulda-woulda-coulda. Permalink

Be A Design Cast 45 The Boys from the Be A Design Group sat me down after Think Tank Nashville back in September to talk shop. FFVI FTW! Permalink

Voices of the Lifestream “…an OverClocked ReMix Album featuring free fan arrangements from the soundtrack to Square’s legendary Final Fantasy VII for the Sony Playstation.” Permalink

Lost Garden A blog about game design. Danc effortlessly explores and explains why people play games (and interact with technology in general). Great content aboundsPermalink

Duck Hunt on the iPhone Just in case you can’t get iPhoNES up and running. Permalink

The Final Fantasy Retrospective Game Trailers is doing a thirteen part retrospective on Final Fantasy with a new episode every Sunday. Clips clock in at about ten minutes each—when all is said and done, we could be looking at a two hour documentary on Squenix’s favorite franchise. Permalink

17 8 9 10 1113