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Auditorium Reminds me of one of my favorite DS games, Electroplankton. (via @cherrybomb2c)  Permalink

Homebrew Browser Allows you to install games and applications directly from the Wii. Horror Vacui 0.03 was added in the latest updatePermalink

Using wiiload with Xcode’s Build and Go My first useful (but still modest) contribution to the Wii homebrew community. See also TekWarrior’s wiiload with built-in syslogd. Utterly brilliant. Permalink

Horror Vacui My first Wii homebrew game (requires the Homebrew Channel—which is easier to add than you might think). Screenshots on Flickr. Permalink

GRRLib A useful image and drawing library for Wii homebrew. Permalink

CodeMii Wii Programming Tutorials As good a place as any to start learning once you’ve got devkitPPC installed. Permalink

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Mega Man 9 and Growth Mentality Gamasutra article that’s as much about why people succeed in life as it as about why they succeed in a sequel (and equal) to a beloved NES game. Permalink

8-bit Jesus A very chiptune Christmas. Each track done in the style of a different, easily identifiable 8-bit game. Full release now available. Permalink

16 7 8 9 1013