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Chore Wars Time-tracking meets WoW. Permalink

Making Wii-friendly Pages A reasonably thorough review of the Wii Browser’s capabilities over at Dev.Opera. Permalink

The Memory Card “…is an opportunity to dissect and honor some of the most amazing moments in gaming — be it artistic, innovative, or just plain memorable.” Leaning heavily on the SNES for the first two articles but that’s fine with me. Permalink

Penny Arcade Expo Keynote by Wil Wheaton. The Minibosses are headlining. Oh, and it’s only $50 for a 3-day pass. Just another excuse to visit Seattle. Permalink

Useful Abstractions/Helpful Distortions A great post over at 37s on reducing resolution to more clearly represent information. This could explain my fondness for 16-bit video games—I’ll take shinesparking over keeping CJ fed and buff any day. Permalink

8 Bits High and Rising Wil Wheaton on the magic of the original NES. His William F’n Shatner stories (part 1, part 2) are equally entertaining. (All three links may be NSFW, depending on where you W.) Permalink

Wiigo A Lego NXT robot designed to bowl a perfect game in Wii Sports. Permalink

Wiimote unlocked for Flash games Not sure about Wiicade keeping the JavaScript portion of the API to themselves though. Isn’t this the internet? Surely even Flash game developers know about View Source? Permalink

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The Beatboxing Flautist Greg Pattillo, doing the themes from Super Mario Bros, Instpector Gadget/Beverly Hills Cop and Sesame Street. Via Wil WheatonPermalink

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