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Indieverse Interview A little over a week ago I sat down with RubĂ©n Lozano and Indieverse to talk about how I got into game development, my lack of process, and my favorite food. Permalink

Retro Game Crunch: Primer Less than a week to go on the Kickstarter! One of the things we’ve been doing to draw attention to the dev journal aspect of the project is this Primer series. So far I’ve covered tools, getting started with Flixel, loading Tiled levels, basic player controls and camera, collectibles, and threatsPermalink

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Read Super Clew Land Postmortem  

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Jimjam Jimjam Panic My submission to the Sworcery AV Jam answering soundtrack composer Jim Guthrie’s call. Lots of beautiful work in there.  Permalink

Read Millinaut Postmortem  

Read Aspect Ratios & Camera Behavior  

Chunks Strategy Guide Matt Grimm dissects the iOS port of my Ludum Dare mini-game Chunks and explains how anyone (with a little patience) can max their score or reach the highest level. Permalink

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