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Making Wii-friendly Pages A reasonably thorough review of the Wii Browser’s capabilities over at Dev.Opera. Permalink

Wiimote unlocked for Flash games Not sure about Wiicade keeping the JavaScript portion of the API to themselves though. Isn’t this the internet? Surely even Flash game developers know about View Source? Permalink

Mike D. on swfIRFlash for images? I can hear screams coming from the ivory towers where the validatorians and standardistas live. I like those screams. I live for those screams.” Permalink

swfIR Dan Mall and crew’s new Flash-based image replacement is out. Go here, increase your browser text size, rejoice. Permalink

SlideShowPro Widon’t From a mid-October update, “…functionality has been added to SlideShowPro to prevent orphaned text in album titles and descriptions.” Keen. Permalink

The ‘Point wants you! Silverpoint is looking to bring on a full-time Flash developer. Could that be youPermalink

Silverpoint’s Growth Continues The Baltimore team is now looking for a Web Designer, an Interactive Designer, and a couple of Production Designer/ProducersPermalink

Lealea Design “Lealea is pronounced like that princess’ name from Star Wars—twice.” Nice use of sIFR and Slideshow Pro to present some gorgeous work. Don’t miss the BlogblogPermalink

Read How do you anti-alias your headlines/use Din even though I don’t have it installed?  

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