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Pronunciation of sIFR Not sure why the sudden interest but this has become quite the frequently asked question of late. Permalink; An invitational exhibition of source code coming to Chattanooga this summer. Designed by yours truly. Jiggly. Permalink

Auditorium Reminds me of one of my favorite DS games, Electroplankton. (via @cherrybomb2c)  Permalink

sIFRvault A repository of (presumably public domain) sIFR fonts. (via @ltackett’s tweet) Permalink

The State of Font Embedding Mark Wubben, the maintainer of sIFR, thinks out loud about font embedding and the various stop-gap alternatives. Permalink

Web Triage: Methodical Madness The infamous SXSW panel picker is live. Love/hate aside, South By is about people. Not panels. And certainly not about the panel picker. Just the same, Messieurs Mall, Marcotte and myself wouldn’t mind if you shot a couple of stars the way of our presentation. Stethoscopes will be provided. BYOS (bring your own scrubs). Permalink

Layer Tennis in the fourth dimension First three are already up…and awesome. Permalink

Kashiwa Sato Don’t like the wave or color-shifting on You might want to pass on this portfolio site. Instead of thumbnails, each piece is represented by a rectangle of perpetually expanding and contracting colors selected from each work. Talk about love/hate. (via generator xPermalink

Cross-Pollination: Breeding a Better Web Vote for our proposed presentation using the SXSW Panel Picker. Dan Mall, presentation mastermind and partner-in-crime, has additional info and is soliciting ideas on ways to expand the conversation. Permalink

FIVe3D Flash Interactive Vector-based 3D is an open-source ActionScript 2.0 3D library. Don’t miss the demos in Mathieu Badimon’s LAB. Suddenly this site feels very flat again. That certainly didn’t take long. (Via the latest issue of Artzmania.) Permalink

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