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Web App Charts While I have no illusion that Mint has as many users as say Facebook, I maintain that Mint is popular with the internets—let’s give ‘em a run for their venture capital. See alsoPermalink

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Layer Tennis People’s Choice Vote for your ideal head-to-head from this past season’s participants. The Philly triumvirate seems especially popular. Permalink

Layer Tennis in the fourth dimension First three are already up…and awesome. Permalink

Glass vs. Hamid “…it might be a little more twisted than usual—we’re going to be using photos instead of graphics to throw down on the virtual court.” Permalink

Design Aesthetic of the Indie Developer Audio from our panel at SXSW 2007. Better late than never. Permalink

A Wolf in Wolf’s Clothing I just posted the last image in our match. Hit the Layer Tennis Forum to show your support! Permalink

Layer Tennis Match Preview “It’s getting exciting now.” Permalink

Read Mint: Year Two in Review   Comments 027

Layer Tennis née Photoshop Tennis It’s back! The first match between myself and fellow Designologue alum Kevin Cornell with commentary by John Gruber takes place on the 28th. Permalink

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