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Retro Game Crunch: Primer Less than a week to go on the Kickstarter! One of the things we’ve been doing to draw attention to the dev journal aspect of the project is this Primer series. So far I’ve covered tools, getting started with Flixel, loading Tiled levels, basic player controls and camera, collectibles, and threatsPermalink

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NaNoDrawMo Animals I’m participating in (and hopefully completing) Steven Frank ‘s “50 drawings in 30 days” challenge.  Permalink

Out of Breath Just finished up a humbling music-, pixel- and warm 70’s colors-filled Layer Tennis match with the inspirational Scott Hansen, better known as ISO50 or TychoPermalink

Zero Sum CreateHere is on a roll: Zero Sum is “an exhibit that examines the role of games in contemporary culture and the impact they have on our social experience, psyche, morality and approach to critical thinking.” I’ll be submitting Horror Vacui for sure. Permalink; An invitational exhibition of source code coming to Chattanooga this summer. Designed by yours truly. Jiggly. Permalink

Advice for the SXSW-bound “If you know a lot of people there, recognize that it’s impossible to see all of them or have a real conversation with any of them. So just go with the flow. Don’t try and organize dinner with everyone.” Permalink

Available Now Earlier tonight Horror Vacui was unleashed on the App Store. Huzzah! Permalink

The Listenings Richard over at Diesel Sweeties is following up on the Thrillening (a synchronized, distributed listening of Michael Jackson’s Thriller in its entirety) with a listening of David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars using Twitter as a backchannel for the event.  Permalink

Designer as Ghostwriter Metropolis coverage of this past weekend’s Social Studies uses Leslie’s Take Root presentation to drive its point home. Permalink

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