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Desktop Transporter Similar to Apple’s Remote Desktop, 1/20th the price. Permalink

The XMLHttpRequest Object Oh, I’m gonna have fun playing with this one—goodbye iframes! Permalink

Budget Design Increase Profit by Improving Process. Superflous Banter? More like Indispensable Wisdom. Permalink

Skinnier J If the boy would just stop redesigning his site and eat something he might be able to keep on a little weight. Permalink

Anti-Bush Game Our childhood takes a stand against the man. Regime change can be fun. (Found via Permalink

Grey Matters Stan strips his recent work down to its tighty—um—greyies? Permalink

April Foo… Wait a minute, it’s May! Go easy on ‘em, he’s a college buddy having a laugh—I mean, there are no emoticons to express my outrage! (Link updated) Permalink

Adventures of Seinfeld & Superman Unbelievable Person? Or Surprising Guy? How about Remarkable Chap? Part two. Permalink

OS X Protocol Exploits Explained The ever-levelheaded John Gruber explains the recent Mac OS X security advisory. Permalink

Damn it, Timmy Kindly stop using my site to spam-vertise, you asshat. Jay Allen has your number. Permalink

1100 101 102 103 104