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First Ever Whitespace Awards And for me, “Yes, you can be great at programming and design.” Thanks Scrivs! Permalink

Googlegeist How did that happen? Permalink

Compositionals That Kevin guy may draw funny but he makes a mean Bauhaus and Constructivist on rye. Go, play with your food. Permalink

Canada, a little less safe Favorite safety instrument,, is escorted out of the Great White North, eh. Permalink

Rodeohead A blue-grass comedy tribute to Radiohead. Permalink

The Skinny This whole “skinny” thing is contagious—I had to fast just to keep up with Justin’s questions. Permalink

Posterhänger Brushed aluminummmh. A tasteful, minimal way to hang oversized posters. Permalink

Gurus v. Bloggers 2 The Gurus receive another thorough trouncing—wait a minute—did Andrei just call me a “blogger?” Permalink

JavaScript Junkyard Scott Andrew’s cross-browser addEvent/removeEvent scripts are of particular interest given the current trend to separate not only presentation from structure but behavior as well. Permalink

Dez was there Dez’s contextually relevant link to word ratio is amazing. A days worth of web design and standards aggregation in summary form. Handy for today’s busy web design rockstar. Permalink

199 100 101 102 103 104