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Indieverse Interview A little over a week ago I sat down with RubĂ©n Lozano and Indieverse to talk about how I got into game development, my lack of process, and my favorite food. Permalink

Automatic Conditional Retina Images Shared this on Twitter over a year ago (!), forgot about it, then needed it recently and had no idea where I had posted it. JavaScript + mod_rewrite = @2x. For posterity. Permalink

Fix Mavericks’ Power Button In Mavericks, it seems like merely brushing the power button is enough to put a MacBook to sleep. This fix restores the pre-Mavericks behavior, presenting the Sleep/Restart/Shut Down dialog instead. And here’s how to get it to run on startupPermalink

The Designologue Archive Version 4.0 will probably never materialize. I’m okay with that now. But there was no sense in letting all the work I did on it go to waste. So tonight I ripped out all the participation functionality and launched it as a more modern archive. Here’s every image I ever designologued. Permalink

Is it getting hot in here? Google shutters Reader, the internet warms up to FeverPermalink

iOS Sticky :hover Fix Tweeted this a while back but every once in a while someone asks for this link so, for posterity! Permalink

Retro Game Crunch: Primer Less than a week to go on the Kickstarter! One of the things we’ve been doing to draw attention to the dev journal aspect of the project is this Primer series. So far I’ve covered tools, getting started with Flixel, loading Tiled levels, basic player controls and camera, collectibles, and threatsPermalink

Interview on The Industry Conor O’Driscoll wants to know where I’ve been, where I am, and where I’m going. So we talk apps, games, and collaboration. And bed head. Permalink

Jimjam Jimjam Panic My submission to the Sworcery AV Jam answering soundtrack composer Jim Guthrie’s call. Lots of beautiful work in there.  Permalink

Flag-free US Keyboard Layout I like the OS X Input menu but could do without the pixelated American flag cluttering up my otherwise monochromatic menu bar. So I used Ukelele to clone the default Keyboard Layout and added a simple grayscale EN icon that matches the Kotoeri Hiragana, Katakana and Romaji ones. Unzip and add to /~/Library/Keyboard Layouts/ then logout and back in. Permalink

1 2 3104