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The Designologue Archive Version 4.0 will probably never materialize. I’m okay with that now. But there was no sense in letting all the work I did on it go to waste. So tonight I ripped out all the participation functionality and launched it as a more modern archive. Here’s every image I ever designologued. Permalink

Archivologue While making room for version 4 of Designologue I’ve moved each previous version to their own subdomain: v3, v2, and v1. Follow the occasional progress on Dribbble. Permalink

Minterview Sam at Peppermint Tea had some civilized questions for me about life in the Mint lane and plans for 2008. I was only too happy to oblige with some answers. Permalink

Layer Tennis née Photoshop Tennis It’s back! The first match between myself and fellow Designologue alum Kevin Cornell with commentary by John Gruber takes place on the 28th. Permalink

Strange Waste How do you pick up a 2 year old designologue? Does your collaborator even use the same email address? When will it end? In the meantime, if you can get past the silly haircuts it’s always fun to go back and read the notes in high school yearbooksPermalink

Designis How many designers does it take to start a meme? Permalink

Read Design is more than just making things line up   Comments 022

Ghost Town Jamborf asks of his fellow Designologuers, “Would you rather live in the ascendency of a civilization or during its decline?” Sounds like a call to arms to me. Unfortunately, my arms are still full. Permalink

The Two-oh Show Me on Mint, ShortStat 2, piracy, typography, humble beginnings and humble middles. Time-shifted from the third day of SXSW 2006 for your listening pleasure. Permalink

Polite Winter Dare I say better than the best designologue? Permalink

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