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Phaeton A new, gorgeous hand-lettered typeface. Kevin Cornell and Randy Jones must be stopped. Permalink

Out of Breath Just finished up a humbling music-, pixel- and warm 70’s colors-filled Layer Tennis match with the inspirational Scott Hansen, better known as ISO50 or TychoPermalink

The Athletic Entrepreneur With the launch of Fever earlier this week I totally forgot to mention that I’m playing Layer Tennis against Aaron Shamwow. Like right nowPermalink

iPhone Stencil Kit With matching downloadable standard letter-sized template. Too freakin’ cool. (viaPermalink

Typekit Too important for a mere mention on Twitter. Permalink

Kiss Me I’m Polish To enumerate all of the things I love about this site would waste time better spent pouring over the details. (viaPermalink

Visible Tweets The Man in Blue unveils another toy project. Don’t miss the alternate animation methods. Permalink

Read PXR + Cufon = Pxfon  

Pixels are the New Blog It’s been quiet around here lately. A homepage music player should take care of that. And pixels. You know what they say, “once you go block you never go back.” Permalink

First One’s the Hardest Reads like the diary of a virgin typographer on their first typeface. Permalink

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