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Mimeo in the Tumbleverse A development Diary. I’ll be posting progress reports, artwork, audio clips and demo videos for the duration of the project. Permalink

Read Mimeo and the Kleptopus King  

NaNoDrawMo Animals I’m participating in (and hopefully completing) Steven Frank ‘s “50 drawings in 30 days” challenge.  Permalink

Textorize Subpixel typesetting for the web. Permalink

Thin is Still In Steve Smith finds a replacement for thinning Safari text on Snow Leopard. Permalink

Verdana/Georgia Redux Coming soon: new weights, improved kerning, and optimizations for print. Looks like IKEA was ahead of the curve. (viaPermalink

Typedia A community curated typographic encyclopedia for a designer’s sans and serif searching needs. Congrats StanPermalink

Adobe Replacement Icons I actually don’t mind the CS3 icons (especially since all I really use regularly is Photoshop) and haven’t upgraded to CS4 yet but these replacement icons are definitely worth checking out. (viaPermalink

Weezer - The 8-bit Album Featuring two favorites, Anamanaguchi (who I previously described as Weezer sans Cuomo plus an NES) and Bit Shifter. I even created my own album cover that drops the pixel count and bumps up the NES controller count. Permalink

Helveticons A family of 245 big-boned icons based on Helvetica Bold. The site is lovely as well. (I just wish the creases didn’t punk out on the left so much. Oh and that the full set preview was a little easier to find.) via Permalink

1 2 3 4 542