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Noise Entertainment System 1.2 My iOS NSF player now supports Game Boy Sound System files! The refreshed single-serving site features original NSFes for Mimeo and the Kleptopus King, Horror Vacui 2 and work-in-progress The Last Rocket. Permalink

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The Box Designer extraordinaire Tim Van Damme had a few questions for me about Horror Vacui 2, Mimeo and the Mac App Store. Permalink

Incominggg! Updated to 1.0.1 Dribbble changed the path to individual player Activity pages which required an update to the extension’s whitelist pattern. Permalink

Circle Circle Dot Dot is a functionally useless but (occasionally) aesthetically pleasing experiment using Twitter’s public timeline that I hacked together during Amped downtime this past weekend. Permalink

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Presence, Products and Play Launched a new homepage earlier this morning as the Mimeoverse wasn’t properly represented on the previous version. (Spacebar and arrow keys still control the music player.) Permalink

A Brief Pixel Art How To Neven Mrgan, pixel pusher for the forthcoming iPhone game The Incident gives a brief overview of how to approach crafting pixel graphics. I concur. Permalink

Games Day Podcast Interview Part 1 of 2 wherein I chat with Mathew Hoy of the Games Day Podcast about Mimeo in a very busy Austin Convention Center. And Part 2 Permalink

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