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Firebug Screencast In case there was any doubt that you needed FirebugPermalink

SimpleBits And it all comes together. Quite nicely, I might add. Permalink

Getting rid of IE background image flickering A readable explanation of the solution discovered here. (Is all that Ajax really necessary Mr. Pixel?) Permalink

Dan Vine’s ieCapture Updated for IE 7. See also: iCapture for those of you on the PC side of the fence who want to know what your work looks like in Safari. Permalink

New-to-Seven Selectors PIE-alumns John and Holly break down the new (old) selectors that we’ll be able to enjoy once IE 7 is widely used. “Three tomatoes are walking down the street—a poppa tomato, a momma tomato, and a little baby tomato…” Permalink

Read Text Inputs on Safari   Comments 021

Web Directions North The northern hemisphere gets a taste of Web Directions in February.  Permalink

Read The 9th Incarnation of   Comments 112

IE7 is coming this month “Are you ready yet?” Are we ready yet? Shouldn’t the browser be ready for the web—not the other way around? Have we really made a career of cleaning up Microsoft’s mess? Sigh. Permalink

Edgar Allan Woe (Like an undead Joey Lawrence) Stan dons the annual All Hallows dress-up. He warns “you may need to disembowel your cache” if things look a little screwy.  Permalink

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