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Enjoy the ViewS Just updated my MobileSafari source viewing utility ViewS to automatically create links from src and href attributes to simplify viewing CSS and JavaScript source—as well as embedded images. Permalink

CSS Animation This (sweet) native Safari implementation poses an interesting question, should animation be considered presentation or behavior? Permalink

Read Styling File Inputs with CSS and the DOM   Comments 029

id vs. name and IE From the Archive (you might want to toggle high contrast before visiting). Recently ran into this problem again on my About page—in IE7 even. <meta name="author" value="Shaun Inman"> was eclipsing <h1 id="author"> when using getElementById('author'). The solution? Change the id on the h1. Two hips and a hooray for the glacial pace of progress. Permalink

Why we need standards support in HTML email David’s reasoning—and justifiable side-stepping of personal preference in the whole debate—is spot on. Permalink

Eric Meyer’s CSS Sculptor One word, “Rock.” Permalink

Cross-Pollination: Breeding a Better Web Vote for our proposed presentation using the SXSW Panel Picker. Dan Mall, presentation mastermind and partner-in-crime, has additional info and is soliciting ideas on ways to expand the conversation. Permalink

XRAY “…the first in hopefully a suite of free cross browser tools for helping web designers and developers better visualize what their code is doing in a browser.” Permalink

Read CSS Server-side Pre-processor   Comments 039

Making Wii-friendly Pages A reasonably thorough review of the Wii Browser’s capabilities over at Dev.Opera. Permalink

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