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Read Check Out CSS Cacheer   Comments 014

CSS (in)Efficiency Jim Barraud echoes unanswered questions about the performance of descendant selectors. Permalink

Read Image to Data Droplet for OS X  

Convert Images to Base64 TextMate bundle The page is in Catalan but the bundle is in English and pretty self-explanatory. Just drop the .tmCommand bundle file on TextMate. Then you can select some CSS or HTML that contains references to external images, hit Apple + control + B and they will be encoded as base64 and embedded with the data: protocol. Killer. Completely eliminates the need for that AppleScript droplet I was about to release. Permalink

Qualified Selectors in jQuery John Resig with a simple two-line plugin for jQuery that maps the proposed qualified selector syntax to the similar and already implemented (in jQuery) :has selector. Permalink

Read CSS Qualified Selectors   Comments 048

The Highly Extensible CSS Interface Cameron Moll’s first series of articles in three years looks to have been well worth the wait. Part One, The Foundation, is up now. Permalink

Predicting the Past Two must-read articles in ALA’s latest, Beyond DOCTYPE and From Switches to Targets. Future-proofing never seemed so backward. Permalink

The Email Standards Project “Working with email client developers and the design community to improve web standards support and accessibility in email.” The obligatory link for a Very Good Thing™. Permalink

Posh CSS Techniques for the modern day web designer. And for the yester-day web designer… Permalink

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