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Hello Old Friend Or “Specifying font-size with pixels no longer considered harmful.” Mint says IE 6 usage is down to less than 2% of visitors around these parts. Permalink

CSS Filters for Firefox, Safari and Opera Of particular interest are the Firefox and Opera filters, both of which seem to seat the text baseline oddly high at smaller font-sizes relative to line- and x-height. Permalink

Go to Hell-vetica A comparison of the baselines of Apple’s default and Adobe’s Helvetica Neue. Hoping someone out there has encountered this problem before and discovered a workaround. Permalink

Helvetica Neue Light Progress or “Hoop Jumping for the Whole Font-Family.” Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice that font-weight works like it was already supposed to, but breaking existing CSS to do so? Not so nice. Permalink

An Event Apart San Francisco 2008 Jeremy Keith’s live blogging is the next best thing to being there. Permalink

Web Triage: Methodical Madness The infamous SXSW panel picker is live. Love/hate aside, South By is about people. Not panels. And certainly not about the panel picker. Just the same, Messieurs Mall, Marcotte and myself wouldn’t mind if you shot a couple of stars the way of our presentation. Stethoscopes will be provided. BYOS (bring your own scrubs). Permalink

Look ma, no Flash More goofing off with -webkit-transition. View source for comments. Permalink

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CSS Performance Testing Jon Sykes thoroughly tests and confirms Dave Hyatt’s suggestion that sibling, descendant and child selectors have a significant, negative impact on page rendering. More importantly, his tests quantify the actual impact on performance. That’s it, I’m going back to working with tables. Permalink

DevKick Really digging the typography and color of this new web design and development aggregation site by the man originally responsible for StylegalaPermalink

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