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Read PXR + Cufon = Pxfon  

Pronunciation of sIFR Not sure why the sudden interest but this has become quite the frequently asked question of late. Permalink

Cuf√≥n A promising Canvas/VML alternative to sIFR. It’s really a shame they’d let Opera support hold up something as essential as being able to select text though. Permalink

CSScaffold Anthony Short is building a dynamic CSS framework based on CacheerPermalink

Read GlimmerMonkey  

Making Web Fonts Work Jon Tan on the current state of embedding typefaces. It never occurred to me that @font-face might incur a delay before rendering text (a common complaint against sIFR). And I had completely forgotten how rubbish ClearType is. Until anti-aliasing discrepancies between platforms can be resolved I don’t see even a standardized approach being accepted by discerning designers. Looks like we’re in for another four years of flash replacement. Permalink

The State of Font Embedding Mark Wubben, the maintainer of sIFR, thinks out loud about font embedding and the various stop-gap alternatives. Permalink

typeface.js Text replacement using the Canvas element instead of Flash. Dear type vendors, please save us from these convoluted stopgaps. Legally, The Internet (via email) Permalink

CSS Browser Selector A lightweight (less than 1kb) JavaScript file that conditionally classes the html element allowing you to write browser specific selectors in your CSS. A simple, elegant solution. (viaPermalink

CSS Wishlist I can’t speak for the other interviewees but CHOCKLOCK was definitely off when I composed my response. I think all the shouting makes us come across more crotchety than any of us really were. (Turns out Chris just forgot a </CHOCKLOCK> somewhere in his markup—all better now.) Permalink

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