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A Wolf in Wolf’s Clothing I just posted the last image in our match. Hit the Layer Tennis Forum to show your support! Permalink

Layer Tennis Match Preview “It’s getting exciting now.” Permalink

Layer Tennis née Photoshop Tennis It’s back! The first match between myself and fellow Designologue alum Kevin Cornell with commentary by John Gruber takes place on the 28th. Permalink

Strange Waste How do you pick up a 2 year old designologue? Does your collaborator even use the same email address? When will it end? In the meantime, if you can get past the silly haircuts it’s always fun to go back and read the notes in high school yearbooksPermalink

A little design help Did they think we wouldn’t notice? I love that the JavaScript retains both the SI namespacing and the MORE module.  Permalink

Read Widon’t 2.1  

Live from the 101 The Wolf. Bats. The Heap. Mint. Bookend. GarageBand. Nobuo Uematsu. Final Fantasy. Ragnarok. 1 am. Permalink

Read This Modern iLife   Comments 006

Design is making fun of fonts and things lining up The best memes are the ones that don’t even start as memes. Permalink

Design is more than choosing nice fonts The gorgeous Wishingline mixes it up. (This is really how Designologue was meant to be played—forget dialogue, bring on the multi-logue!) Permalink

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