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Out of Breath Just finished up a humbling music-, pixel- and warm 70’s colors-filled Layer Tennis match with the inspirational Scott Hansen, better known as ISO50 or TychoPermalink

The Athletic Entrepreneur With the launch of Fever earlier this week I totally forgot to mention that I’m playing Layer Tennis against Aaron Shamwow. Like right nowPermalink

Web Triage: Methodical Madness The infamous SXSW panel picker is live. Love/hate aside, South By is about people. Not panels. And certainly not about the panel picker. Just the same, Messieurs Mall, Marcotte and myself wouldn’t mind if you shot a couple of stars the way of our presentation. Stethoscopes will be provided. BYOS (bring your own scrubs). Permalink

"I’m calling this one the best shot of the entire Layer Tennis season." Thanks John, can’t ask for nicer praise than that. Don’t forget to let the Coudal folks know who you think won today’s match-up. Update: This link now points a screenshot of my image at the time of volley (the archive page is missing the tandem navigation present when this image was designed). Permalink

It’s getting exciting now… The players are up. The match previews are up. Only four more hours left to think up a reason to cut out of work early. Permalink

Doubles It’s official, Chris Glass and I will be facing off tomorrow afternoon in one of two final matches of the Layer Tennis season. This one has me a little worried. Kevin was a known quantity; a Designologue alum. This Glass fellow is hardcore. And he gets the parting shot. Permalink

Layer Tennis People’s Choice Vote for your ideal head-to-head from this past season’s participants. The Philly triumvirate seems especially popular. Permalink

Be A Design Cast 45 The Boys from the Be A Design Group sat me down after Think Tank Nashville back in September to talk shop. FFVI FTW! Permalink

KC FTW! Nice “won” Kevin. Permalink

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