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Read Classic Consoles Board Book  

Lift Off: The Last Rocket Development Diary Chockfull of “what was he thinking?” and “whoa—cool!” this DRM-free ePub documenting the 140 day development of The Last Rocket includes hundreds of screenshots and tweets plus video and audio. Permalink

Read 8-bit iPhone Game Development  

Game Design Workshop This is the book I’ve been reading since completing Horror Vacui. It’s reassuring to see the uninformed processes I stumbled my way through while developing the game recommended in a highly regarded game development tome. Permalink

Art Space Tokyo A gorgeous guide to twelve intimate art spaces around Tokyo (designed by Craig Mod, most recently of Everymoment Now). I purchased my ticket to Ghibli this morning. Permalink

Classics A dedicated book app for the iPhone for presumably public domain classics. Looks sweet. (viaPermalink

The Curious Case of Kevin Cornell Favored floor adornment Bearskinrug has been working on a graphic novel adaptation of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (previously mentioned here) for the past five months. Pre-ordered. Permalink

Read Backwards and Forwards  

Web Form Design: Filling in the Blanks Eagerly awaiting my copy. Permalink

Book Burning A newish book “Colorful Illustrations 93°C” is an unauthorized reproduction of the Little Chimp Society illustration community. Website creator Darren Di Lieto is reasonably upset and reaching out the community to help put a stop to the book’s distribution. Permalink

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