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DropCopy Seamlessly drop and drop to other computers in your LAN (found a while back on Slick. Permalink

Shipping Address Add multiple email addresses to one account. No more emailing yourself when you hit Reply All! Permalink

Swizcore Studio Another nice looking themer’s site. Permalink

Themepark Tutorial Nice tute on creating themes for OS X…if I only had the time. Nice looking site too. Permalink

Stop Googling your desktop or you’ll go blind Just a little jealous over here—when does Spotlight make its debut? Permalink

Read Box Model Massacre   Comments 012

TextMate 1.0 A BBEdit-killer? Not quite. The much-anticipated folding feature is poorly implemented (it seems the closing tag detection is either too greedy or non-existent) and its find and replace can’t even come close to BBEdit. Give it another point release… Permalink

Read Dying for a New Phone   Comments 039

Virtual PC 7 Finally, the ability to run a virtual PC on my G5. Oh come on, the stand-alone version is still on pre-order!? Permalink

Win XP on a Mac? OS X on a PC? April Fools, 200 days early? (via WDIKPermalink

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