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SXSW 2005 Web Awards Sweet, is a finalist in the Blog category. I also submitted it for Technical Achievement (for the original use of IFR) but apparently Popular Front owns that category. Permalink

Shaun of the Gallery All Star Seems people really liked’s Halloween costume—you’re all sick—I aim(ed the gun) to please. Thanks to everyone who voted. Permalink

The Zen of CSS Design While I am credited as Technical Editor it should be noted that Dave and Molly have obviously done their homework—and really spoiled me for any future technical editing I might do. Permalink

First Ever Whitespace Awards And for me, “Yes, you can be great at programming and design.” Thanks Scrivs! Permalink

Googlegeist How did that happen? Permalink

The Skinny This whole “skinny” thing is contagious—I had to fast just to keep up with Justin’s questions. Permalink

Gurus v. Bloggers 2 The Gurus receive another thorough trouncing—wait a minute—did Andrei just call me a “blogger?” Permalink

Personal Dingbats Andrei Herasimchuk takes a look at personal logomarks. Permalink

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