Lessn + SIDB

While we were busy making six games in six months *cough*, PHP 5.5 was released and the mysql_* family of functions were officially deprecated. Deprecation is the last stop before complete removal from the language, so after the retina-fication of Fever my next priority was transitioning to a more modern MySQL API (or two).

I looked at how I was using MySQL across all my sites and web apps, took into consideration the original server requirements for each, and then create a lightweight database library, SIDB (included in Lessn 1.1).

Lessn is the simplest of my web apps (that uses MySQL; Unplayed just uses flat Markdown files), so it’s the first to get the new database library. Next up is Fever, with Mint facing a much more difficult transition (because of the bare mysql_* calls through its own and third-party Pepper’s source).

Download the latest version of Lessn, follow the installation (or update) instructions in the included README.txt, and let me know if you run into any database issues!

Update By request, Lessn is now on Github.

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Shaun Inman
January 30th, 2014 at 9:43 pm