First things first, Mint and Fever are both still being developed and supported. A couple months ago my mother was diagnosed with cancer. Around the same time, Google announced it would be retiring Reader. Just after New Year’s, following its successful Kickstarter, Retro Game Crunch started work.

At the beginning of April I bought a one-way ticket to Denver to help take care of my mom as she struggles through chemo. After my mother’s well being, my first priority is Retro Game Crunch. I am responding to Mint and Fever support requests in the order they are received as quickly as I can. I am currently weeks behind. I do not offer support on Twitter. I appreciate your patience.

If you encounter a problem that renders a recently (within 60 days) purchased copy of Mint or Fever unusable and you absolutely cannot wait for support, please email me your PayPal Transaction ID at and I’ll happily refund your purchase. (Do not use this address for support.)

Update My mother has completed chemo and her surgery is scheduled (then delayed and rescheduled for the end of August). After the surgery she has about two months of almost daily radiation. Retro Game Crunch is ongoing and I am now months behind on support. I still don’t offer support on Twitter. I continue to appreciate your patience and am still happy to provide a refund if necessary.

Update 2 (October 16) Mom started radiation—then fractured her wrist falling off a step ladder. Oof. Retro Game Crunch releases its second to last game tomorrow. My support inbox is currently determined to reach the upper bounds of the integer type Apple used for its unread count. Inbox 0 (by way of overflow), here I come!

Is it getting hot in here?
The Cancel Hanger
Shaun Inman
April 29th, 2013 at 2:27 pm