These things I produced in 2011:

  • The Last Rocket Though not released until mid-August I started work on what I consider to be my first proper game in early January. The development of this game, more than anything else, shaped the past year. It was critically well received, responsible for a quarter of the year’s income, and even made Edge, Touch Arcade and iPhone Alley’s year end lists.
  • Unplayed I’d been privately maintaining a list of games I’ve played or want to play since getting a DS Lite in June of 2006. After briefly dabbling with a Tumblr to maintain the list I wrote this trifle of a web app.
  • Breathing Room My first Ludum Dare. Also, an early study from my thinking about level design.
  • CSSFrag A Safari extension for targeting specific DOM elements by url. Passed the torch to Pinpoint.
  • Reply Reach & Past @s Two little JavaScript bookmarklets for use on
  • Data Entry Sentry My second Ludum Dare and my first attempts at a JavaScript/Canvas game. The genesis of the JavaScript port of the Objective-C framework I use for all of my iOS games, SI2d.
  • Day-O A simple menubar calendar replacement for OS X.
  • Chunks A native iOS port of my second Ludum Dare game, Data Entry Sentry. I didn’t promote this as much as I probably should have but a more vocal release might have set expectations too high for this modest little falling block game.
  • Sinkhole My third Ludum Dare. A tense little exploration game that I’m still actively developing. SI2d.js was updated significantly for this game. I even ported it from Canvas to DOM sprites to compare performance (pretty much head to head by the numbers but the Canvas version feels smoother in play and is easier to extend).
  • The Last Rocket Suite The soundtrack from The Last Rocket did pretty well too so I released this string quartet version of three themes from the game.

In addition to these wholly new things, I also released a bunch of updates to Mint and its Pepper, Fever, Shortwave, Lessn and NoiseES. I’m also about a month or two into another all new 8-bit iOS game, inspired as much by Metroid and Super Mario Bros 2/Doki Doki Panic as it is by Studio Ghibli’s films.

All in all, a very productive year.

Best iOS Games 2011
Shaun Inman
January 1st, 2012 at 2:39 pm