Update Chunks is out now! Grab the four track OSV while you’re at it.

Later tonight or early tomorrow I’ll have a new game in the App Store. (For real this time. Last week Horror Vacui 2 showed up on a number of App Store new release lists for no apparent reason despite being released over a year ago.) It’s a small game with more in common with Horror Vacui than The Last Rocket. And it might look familiar.

Introducing the Chunks in Data Entry Sentry

Chunks is a native iOS port of my most recent Ludum Dare game Escape! Data Entry Sentry. The core gameplay mechanic and most of the graphics were created over a 48 hour period shortly after releasing The Last Rocket. While I’ve been working on a new, more ambitious 8-bit platformer for iOS (somewhere between The Last Rocket and the unreleased Mimeo and the Kleptopus King in scale) I’ve also made time to rename and refine Chunks for a proper release.

In addition to some gameplay tweaks and instructional UI, I composed three new chiptunes, a short game over jingle plus a handful of sound effects. The themes were inspired by falling block giants Tetris and Dr. Mario (with a little The Guardian Legend thrown in for good measure). The tempo of the background music increases with the speed of the conveyor as you play. This change is imperceptible from level to level but after a while you really start to feel the frantic increase in momentum. Grab the NSFe and give it a listen in NoiseES.

Chunks is a universal app so you can play on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and includes Game Center leader boards for high score and highest level. It’s a small game with humble origins so it’s only a buck. Check it out tomorrow!

Interviewed by Kevin Dees
Meet the Developer
Shaun Inman
December 5th, 2011 at 11:47 am