MML Bundle & Multi-song NSF

I’ve updated my Textmate MML bundle to include creation of multi-song NSFs (which I’m using for the background music in Mimeo and the Kleptopus King). The updated bundle includes two new Commands “Build All” and “Run All” that compile all MML files in the same directory as the currently open MML file into a single NSF.

This bundle is unsupported but here’s some things to keep in mind:

  • Songs are included in alphabetical (directory listing) order. You can control this order by prefixing the MML file name with a number (eg. 01 jaunt.mml, 02 slink.mml, 03 fortress.mml, 04 king.mml, etc ).
  • Envelope names (eg. @v0, @v1, @MP0, etc) are shared across the entire NSF so songs that use the same envelope names will use the version of the envelope that was defined last. This is a limitation of ppmckc (the library used to compile MML).
  • The title of the last song becomes the title of the NSF in a player (like Audio Overload or NoiseES). Again, this is just the way ppmckc works. I simply add a second #TITLE to the bottom of the last song before compiling.
  • If an NSF is not created select the Command you’re trying to use in the Textmate Bundle Editor and change it’s “Output” to “Create New Document” and try again. This will show the output of the binaries used to compile the NSF. You probably have a Bank overflow. This output can tell you which file is the culprit. Adding a #BANK-CHANGE should fix the issue.

Download the updated bundle.

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July 6th, 2010 at 9:54 am