Quieteque (Idioteque)

Like Rabbit in Your Headlights, Idioteque is a song I’ve been a fan of for almost a decade but only recently (um, last night) worked out how to play on the guitar.

This arrangement is a brisk two minutes and twelve seconds (so short you might have to listen to it twice to hear the whole thing) and plays a bit like an Iron & Wine cover (if you’re being generous). I recorded the guitar and vocals together with one mic in one go. The backing harmony (which is actually just the melody in its original octave) was recorded twice and panned slightly left and right.

For posterity (more for future-me than current-anybody-else), the four two-note chords:

e ----------------   e  ---------------
b ----------------   a# --0--4--12--9--
G --3--7--15--12--   G  --0--3--12--8--
D ----------------   D  ---------------
A ----------------   A  ---------------
E --3--6--15--11--   E  ---------------

The track artwork was inspired by Thom Yorke’s Eraser-era album art but retains the lo-fi aesthetic of the Kid A-era with the requisite touch of (modified) DIN Black.

Download Quieteque (Idioteque).

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