A Wave by Any Other Title

Apparently mid to late summer is Shortwave season and Joost has been putting in some serious time on the beach. Another update to Shortwave recommended by the Pin-Striped One allows you to capture the title of a page for use in commands with the new %t token.

With the new token comes a new default Email Link command that will create a new email in your default mail program with the current page’s title as the subject plus any text that follows the trigger (or selected text) appended by the current url as the message body. Then all you need to do is enter an email address and hit send. This new token should also be handy for custom bookmarking, reblogging and tweeting commands.

As with the previous two updates, this change couldn’t be made solely on the server-side so if you want this new functionality you will need to grab/create an updated bookmarklet.

Update: The latest version of Safari on OS X seems to be inserting “localhost/” at the end of the message body. This has nothing to do with the e trigger or the new %t token but instead the way Safari handles header-based redirects using the mailto: pseudocol. Looking into it.

In B flat
Shaun Inman
August 24th, 2009 at 4:17 pm